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Ways to Boost the Popularity of Your Instagram Profile — Some Tips and Suggestions for Beginners!

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Ways to Boost the Popularity of Your Instagram Profile — Some Tips and Suggestions for Beginners!

admin March 10, 2018

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms, and it has proved its efficacy in branding as well. It is a photo sharing app that allows people to share pictures and even videos, which attract followers and generate likes and comments. Some users just consider Instagram to be a convenient way to share facets of their lives and daily activities with their friends and family, but others actively monetize their Instagram presence. Businesses and brands fall into the second category, and they have to take specific measures to achieve their goals. Here, we are going to discuss how you can increase the popularity of your Instagram profile to reap the desired benefits.

Plan ahead 

If you just wish to share your life with others, you can post a picture of your pet cat today, and a picture of your favorite pizza tomorrow. However, if you have plans to monetize your Instagram account, you should do a bit of planning before you begin posting so that you can choose a theme you like and create exciting content on a daily basis.

Compose well 

Each of your photographs needs to be well structured and constructed, for which you will need to decide if there is any particular color scheme you would want. A small investment might be required if you need to buy some props, clothes or makeup.

Decide your specialty 

If you are planning to use Instagram to partner with a product category ultimately, you need to place yourself accordingly. It goes without saying that a $60 earphone and a $3000 vacation package will have different segments of the audience hooked and interested. Before diving into content creation and strategizing, you would have to pick your niche market and target audience.

Worship consistency 

Posting great pictures or videos for a few days in a row and then stopping altogether for some time and then again starting to post regularly will not help you gain loyal followers. The key to staying on top of the trends and ranks is to be on people’s feed as often as possible. Therefore, you need to be consistent with your posting habits.

Do not just post photos 

Something many people forget is that though Instagram is primarily known as a photo-sharing app, it is not the only type of content that you can post on this platform. Each picture needs to have well-written captions that will grab the attention of a visitor as much as a good picture will. Apart from captions, the description also needs to be written carefully, keeping the critical points on top because those few lines are first visible on someone’s feed.

Encourage interaction

The best way to generate organic traffic to an Instagram profile is to get visitors to like or comment. Another great way to get them to react to your post is to place a link to another picture that you had posted sometime back. Asking questions would be an excellent way to start off a discussion.

Know how to achieve growth 

It is a fact that all the search algorithms of Instagram work on your post in the initial few minutes after you post it. The people who you are closest to you such as friends and family would be the first ones to like or comment during that period. Through those interactions, the post would catch the attention of other Instagram users. Also, depending on which country you are in, you might need to get up early or stay awake late as well, because there are certain times of the day when Instagram users are most active, and it is easier to catch their attention. If you can do this, your page or post can even reach the ‘Explore’ page, which is where people actively look for good profiles to follow.

Follow the basic rules of posting 

You must remember that even if you have high-quality pictures to post, there are specific best practices that you need to inculcate to get the most engagement on your posts. The photographs you post need to be organized under proper tags. You not only tag some people whose attention you need to draw, but the smart use of hashtags can make you visible to people who are looking for content on similar topics. You too can have a look at others who have posted similar pictures.

Spend time on other profiles 

You would be busy posting pictures, working on them, and then posting them on your profile. However, it is also a good idea to spend some time looking at others’ accounts to see what they might be doing right. You could find what others in your niche are doing to grab attention, and maybe even network with them to share ideas and opinions.

Explore other methods

It is not easy to build up the number of Instagram followers to several thousand and millions. The competition is fierce on this platform, and you need to do something better than others to gain your follower base. You may also explore the option of synthetically increasing traffic on your page. There are services which would like or comment on other pages on your behalf, and prompt a return like or comment. Then there are places where you can buy Instagram likes. These methods can work for the initial boost that your page or your brand needs, but you also need to supplement these efforts with your own to increase the number of organic followers.

As you can see above, if smartly and diligently used, Instagram can be a source of excellent results in your branding efforts. A regular frequency of posts is a great effort to generate user engagement, and also proper formatting, layout and captioning of pictures can go a long way in pushing up your Instagram page in the popularity rankings. If those do not give organic results fast enough for your liking, you can explore other alternatives, although those would cost you money.

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