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Top companies to work for as SAP Consultant

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Top companies to work for as SAP Consultant

admin October 29, 2018

In the field of technology the contribution of various companies cannot be ignored by the leaders in the market. They are not just the best to offer the quality services to the clients but also capable of offering a number of services that can be useful to a common man as well. Numerous reasons are there why only a few companies are rated amongst the best 10 or best 20 with whom an SAP Consultant may work with. These reasons might be related to the work, financial culture or even the learning opportunities that an organization is offering. Lately, the companies have been laying out a lot of prominence on the inclusive culture that is being maintained by and in an organization.

From offering a supple work schedule to a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and having employees engaged in pioneering projects. While the big titans in the corporate are relying on these practices, smaller companies are not lacking behind. They are also rapidly gearing up to attract the new generation of employees that are full of talent and are looking for better and attractive offers like growth opportunities, more expansion in the form of learning and last but not the least, eye-catching perks.

Recently Stechies.com has made survey info based on the details and reports on Glassdoor, narrating the best companies in India to work with as an SAP consultant.

Here we will have a look at the top 5 of such companies:

  1. TCS
  2. IBM India
  3. Accenture India
  4. HCL Technologies Ltd.
  5. NIIT Limited

Tata Consultancy Services

Usually known as TCS, Tata Consultancy Service is known as one of the best providers of IT, consulting, and outsourcing services globally. The operation of TCS is spread to over more than 40 countries in the world. The starting annual salary of an SAP professional working as an SAP ABAP varies from a range of 4-5 lakhs annually.

IBM India

IBM India, currently headed by Vanitha Narayanan as the country Manager operates out of various major cities across India. The company has the highest number of employees in India and the annual salary for an SAP professional working as an SAP BI reaches up to 3 lakhs a year.

Accenture India

Accenture is a global management company that specialises in providing technology services, consulting, and outsourcing services. Rated amongst the best companies in India, Accenture India offers the highest annual pay Project Managers, the pay ranges between 18 lakhs to 19 lakhs per annum.

HCL Technologies

HCL has been tuned out to be a company in the 21st century A.D. that has crosses 1 Billion USD in Net Profit, 15 Billion USD in Market Capitalization, and 5 Billion USD in Revenue amongst all known tech-based companies. The work atmosphere at HCL is considered to be positive, and the employees look satisfied with their workstation.

NIIT Limited

Originally established in 1981, NIIT is known as the global leader in skills and talent development and offers a number of solutions for the customers including delivery to numerous individuals and institutions.

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