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The Top 4 Keyword Research Tools That You Should Try for Enhancing SEO

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The Top 4 Keyword Research Tools That You Should Try for Enhancing SEO

admin March 14, 2018

Doing in-depth keywords research and effective use of the relevant keywords for your SEO campaigns will surely help any business to find success online. However, doing keyword research is like a fisherman going out to sea to find his catch. Reeling in the best catch requires a lot of knowledge and skills.

Even if you do it or not, keyword research is the core of any SEO practices. If you aren’t striving to bid and use the right keywords, then you will be simply falling short of your actual potential for success. Alongside the short-tail conventional keywords, long-tail keywords are the new best catch, which you need to master in.

Doing keyword research

To do keyword research like a seasoned fisherman and to cast the net at the right place at the right time, one needs to make use of some technical tools. By now, you may know the importance of the baseline tools like Google Keyword Planner, etc. Further, we will discuss a few other good tools for SEO specialists to do perfect research.

  • WordStream Keyword Tool

This free tool allows the users to do keyword research on specific niche fields. It can give you a lot of suggestions and also let you group the keywords based on any specific theme for ease of use in launching ad groups.

It allows you to do the first thirty searches freely and after that, you need to do sign up for the WordStream Advisor to use it unlimitedly. In fact, you get a 7-day premium trial also for free after 30 free searches to get going.

  • Amazon Merchant Words

Being one of the biggest marketplace incorporating merchants from across the globe, Amazon was into refining their knowledge of the working patterns of the buyer keywords to give appropriate insights through Amazon Merchant Words. With millions of keywords accumulated in their international database, it can give you any combination regarding most popular and least popular with the most appropriate synonyms to drive in real sales.

  • FreshKey

This is not free, but it is the No.1 keyword tool, which allows the marketers to see beyond the baseline Google predictions and suggestions to find the exact combination of long-term keywords. This software will not only give you realistic ideas of keywords, variations, and synonyms but also can suggest ideas for better keywords based on the popularity and changing market trends.

  • Soovle

If you do promotions through multiple channels and want to find out the best of all world regarding keywords, then Soovle is an ideal choice. It is a free keyword research tool, which lets the users identify the most typed keywords on various search engines based on the root keywords you use. This also covers the top e-com sites too like Amazon and eBay to identify the product specific keywords too. Soovle is not only a great keyword too, but it also can be a good brainstormer for the marketers to key in your ideas and then auto-generate better ideas.

Based on your specific requirement, the above four may be good to start with, and there are many other advanced premium tools too for you to explore.

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