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Smartphone to Your Rescue during Monsoons


Smartphone to Your Rescue during Monsoons

admin July 10, 2018

Monsoon is finally here! While the smell of wet soil and the sound of raindrops bring a feeling of excitement to one’s mind, there are a lot of other things that make us feel anxious, heavy traffic, constant cut outs, clogged roads to name a few. Although we can pre-plan a lot of things, there are a few things that drive us to the edge of boredom, especially if it is a weekend. And that is where a smartphone comes in handy. In today’s times, there is nothing that a smartphone can’t help you with. Here’s a list of things one can do to make the most of this rainy season.

Let the Entertainment Rain:

What do most of the people do on a Friday night? They go out with their friends to chill and relax. Now imagine it is raining for the entire weekend, what are the chances that you will still go ahead with your plan to go out? Zero, right? And so here enters your virtual friend in the form of a perfect entertainment device. Your phone just needs a good video playback so that you can carry on your entertainment for as long as the rain lasts. You can go for several entertaining apps like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and many other such amazing options like these. So hit the subscription button because monsoons are here.

The Well Deserved Family Time:

You can’t go out and you are stuck in your house, but so are your family members. So take this time to bond with your family members. Where’s the smartphone in all of this, you ask? Well, you can cook something special for your family members. And that is where you can find your recipe tutorials online on your smartphones and surprise your family with a really nice gesture. Get ready to hit that search button for pakora (Chikpea Flour Fritters) recipes.

Weather Forecasts:

Weather is unpredictable, undoubtedly. But the people who carry the updates to us know when and how things are about to change. And they bring this information to us through various ports and for this online medium is the best way to go. There are many artificial intelligent apps wherein you will be updated on a regular basis about the weather conditions. Not only will you be provided with the latest weather updates but you can also know the weather forecasts of the coming days in advance hence making your life extremely easy especially during the rainy days when it is hard to predict the weather.

Games Marathon:

Starting a game marathon is always the best way to pass an entire day. Gather your friends around in a cozy and comfortable corner of your house and choose the game of your choice to start the battle of all times. Combined with a few snacks, you will not even realize when your day will get over.

Shop your Heart Out:

Shopping surely helps us pass our time. So make a list of all the things you have been procrastinating from buying and get online to make your purchases. You can always call up your friends to your house and together peruse through a bundle of choices available. And if the rains continue for more than a day, then with the option of fast delivery you can get your hands on the item within a day or two only.

A cup of tea, Books and that’s it :

Rains make us feel fresh and alive. We see things with a new perspective and feel like trying new things. It is the right time to take up the habit of reading. With the fresh air gently hitting your face and your favourite beverage by your side, there is nothing better than reading a book.

Monsoon season is filled with enjoyment and splashes of water. Hence it is bound to bring a little bit of trouble with itself. But you can turn this trouble and boredom into an amazing time with the help of your mobile phone, especially with phone brands like Panasonic India, Vivo, and Motorola. These brands have phones that have a good video playback, a long-lasting battery with a speedy processor that can easily withstand your game and video marathons. Panasonic India Smartphones even have a new app called ARBO Hub which gives you the weather forecast along with many other utilities included within the app.

And while we encourage you to take upon these activities during the rainy season, we know that going out in the open will be an equally fun experience that nobody should be started from. So whether you decide to stay in or go out, the important thing is to enjoy the rain and wind with a big smile on your face. And not to forget the scrumptious, comforting and yummy pakoras lying by your side, waiting to be devoured.

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