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Richard Blech – Top 2 Security Solutions Entrepreneurs Need to Take to Safeguard Their Networks


Richard Blech – Top 2 Security Solutions Entrepreneurs Need to Take to Safeguard Their Networks

admin January 12, 2019

Many entrepreneurs believe their businesses aren’t the prime target of cybercriminals. According to them, their sensitive information is not valuable to such hackers. These nefarious individuals would rather spend their time and money attacking large companies. However, many experts say this is far from the truth. These professionals explain the recent statistics on such offenses may come to a shock to such businessmen. Research shows 71% of all small and medium commercial concerns in America are victims of such crimes. Many of these organizations have a workforce of fewer than 100 employees. The specialists further clarify this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Richard Blech – Why do entrepreneurs need to give cybersecurity so much importance?

Richard Blech is a prominent security expert from California and Chief Executive Officer of Secure Channels Inc. It is a popular high-tech company specializing in the field of data security. Many people in America regard this entrepreneur-cum-inventor is a most authoritative figure in this area. In fact, he features many important publications like Forbes and Politico. He also holds the distinction of being a managing member in Imperium Management LLC.

According to this security expert, many entrepreneurs may be wondering why their concerns are vulnerable. For this, they need to understand an important fact. Almost all cybercriminals commit offenses which fall under the category of identity theft. These nefarious elements aim to get access to their victim’s personal data. This could be in the form of their credit card details. Large companies no doubt more sensitive information to steal. However, their networking systems are very difficult to breach. Such establishments have the necessary resources to put in place the same safeguards government agencies use. This is not the case with small businesses.

Fortunately, entrepreneurs can protect their sensitive business data from hackers. All they need to do is implement the following 2 important security solution policies:

  1. Installing a suitable internal firewall 

The first thing entrepreneurs need to do is to install a suitable internal firewall in their server systems. This acts a barrier to protect their sensitive business data from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. Many of these businessmen may assume that the task is beyond them. In such a case, they should hesitate to take the help of reliable cyber security experts.

  1. Install the latest anti-malware software or upgrade the current one 

All commercial organizations get phishing emails all the time. The owners and employees of such establishments know it is not safe to open such messages. Cybercriminals use such online scams to obtain sensitive information of these concerns’ database. Identifying such malicious sites is possible. However, a staff member may inadvertently click on its link for some reason. The consequences of their actions can be disastrous. However, installing the latest anti-malware software programs can prevent such situations from arising.

In the opinion of Richard Blech, cybercriminals are always preying on potential targets. They are using the latest techniques to achieve their goals. Security experts specializing in this field are going out of the way to apprehend them. However, entrepreneurs need to take the responsibility to safeguards the computer systems from such hackers. Adopting the above 2 important policies can help them accomplish this task.

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