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Mistakes on Digital Menu Boards That Could Cost You

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Mistakes on Digital Menu Boards That Could Cost You

admin June 21, 2018

Getting information about your business is vital to its success. Getting that information out in the wrong way, however, could send you into a downward spiral. Digital menu boards are great for advertising your services, but if you do not do it right, your board could have the wrong impact on your target clientele.

Before people put food into their mouths, they will have made decisions about it; consciously or unconsciously. Many people base their decisions on what they like while others make theirs based on what they see. An attractive menu board is one way to get attention. An unattractive electronic restaurant menu boardwill most likely send potential customers away.

Some errors that people make when setting restaurant menu boards include the following:

  1. The layout

A complex menu board is not going to get you any new patrons. Few people have the time to try and decipher what all the crisscrossing is about, so keep it simple. All you have to do is imagine yourself in a restaurant and you have a menu board in front of you that is really busy. It takes you quite a while to locate where the menu is or you have to ask a server to help you out.

Also, a vertical board is more beguiling. It is like a book. Hardly anyone reads a book horizontally.

  1. The visuals

Most people start desiring something because of what they see. A nice glossy blow up of a juicy cheeseburger might get you more customers, especially if it is conveniently displayed.

Also, dull black and grey screens are not going to do you any favors. Food is colorful. Incorporate pictures of brightly colouredvegetables and fruit. Lush green kales and fat shining tomatoes give a great visual image.

  1. The content

There is such a thing as too much content or too much information on the menu board. A few nicely printed and artfully arranged details will do the trick. If you are going to include images, give them a nice spread but do not crowd your menu board.

On the other hand, you cannot have too little content either. You must find a balance. Also, do not have your words all jumbled up and running into each other. You are not required to have the recipe on the signage; just the specials and available treats.

  1. Lack of branding

It is amazing how many restaurant owners dismiss branding. Some will tell you that it is pretentious and they are not a conglomerate. Well, they could be if they took pride in their establishment and put it up in the lights. The name of your restaurant and a logo running across the screen is all that is needed. You could add some character to it with a poetic statement or a popular quote.

  1. Same old same old

There is nothing different about your electronic menu board. It looks like the next restaurant’s menu board and the one up the street too. See how many establishments there are? It takes something as small or seemingly mundane as customizing your menu board to get the patrons streaming in. Customers like to have a different feel and a different touch.

There are various ways you can make your digital board your own. Aside from branding it, you could include something that is personal and unique to you.

  1. Position

If your digital menu board is barely visible, it defeats the purpose. The reason you had it installed was so that people could easily glance up, see what’s on the menu, make their choices and order. Your customers should not have to crane their necks searching for it. Ensure that the menu board is positioned where your customers can easily see it.

  1. Failure to update the menu

Nobody wants to walk into a restaurant at lunchtime to find the breakfast menu still and no lunch menu in place. You must ensure that your digital menu board is updated and in time too. To work around forgetfulness, you could ensure that the menu board is programmed to automatically upgrade at regular intervals.

Aside from the menu, you will need to upgrade the specials and key in new items in the recipe.

  1. Size

If you have a screen that is too small, your customers may miss the menu board altogether. Where digital menu boards are concerned, the bigger the screen, the better the display! Remember that the menu board is there for the purpose of capturing attention.

Another disadvantage of a small screen is that you may find it impossible to fit all the items you need to display. Also, the patrons may not be able to read off the screen.

There is a lot to be said about creating an electronic restaurant menu board that will catch the customer’s attention and make them check you out instead of passing by your restaurant, the mouth-wateringaromas from within notwithstanding.


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