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How to Make Your Own Wifi Hotspot with a Laptop and Virtual Router


How to Make Your Own Wifi Hotspot with a Laptop and Virtual Router

admin July 4, 2018

Wireless connections are more widespread than they are supposed to be. However, there are chances when you may come to know that you are frustrated using a wired connection and tend to use it as a wireless. You often visit from place to place and always look for a free hotspot service but in excitement, you forget about the privacy to take and implement. Most of the people while switching to a new device for high and extended speed think to complete the process of new extender setup at a public place just because they are getting the free service of Internet.

However, you don’t need to do so. You can create your own WiFi hotspot by using a virtual router and a computer or laptop. Here, we will tell you how to get the job done. Read on.

When are you supposed to use it?

If you want to share the private Internet connection you own, you have to use a third-party tool namely Virtual Router Plus. It requires your device (computer or a laptop) to be connected to your wired connection properly. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install antivirus security on your device and firewall to network.
  2. Build a strong password for about 15-16 digits, filled with alphabets, digits and numbers (avoid the use of dictionary words).
  3. Set a data limit of guest access for those members or friends who often visit you.
  4. After the process of installation, register your device IP address on mywifiext.

There are some additional scenarios where you force to produce a rapid, fast and easy ad-hoc network like in case you want to relocate a few files between a couple of PCs and even play games, download stuff wireless crosswise the network.

Create Your Own WiFi Hotspot

Now, you are supposed to download a copy of Virtual Router Plus, after that unzip the file and then commence and originate the executable. The Windows 8’s SmartScreen feature will kick in and also block the program all the unrelated program coming at background that consumes a large amount of data. If you need further information related to your network, then go further with the “run anyway” button to get started.

Now, a pop-up screen will appear asking you to enter the name for ad-hoc-network that is soon being created with a secure password. Further, use the drop-down menu in order to select the list of the available connections that are supposed to be shared. After you have gone through with all, hit the icon virtual router plus.

Getting Connected

The connection is now able to use similar to additional WiFi connection. Your smart devices will automatically detect the list of available networks; here you just need to provide a password to the network in order to get connected. But beware of hackers.

New extender setup Netgear needs a router to get physically connected with it through an Ethernet cable. After that, locate your devices into an electrical wall socket and do not proceed until the LED lights on both the devices become stable. Now, grab your smart device and connect it with your range extender with the help of another USB or Ethernet cable.

Things to remember apply and implement

  1. Never let your devices are overheated or overloaded form large files or any (before or after the process of installation).
  2. Release your router to attain live Internet connection always.
  3. Do not let dust cover your devices.
  4. Place all of them in a cool, neat and dry place.
  5. To avoid interference, disable all the appliances and devices that carry the same frequency (before or after the process of configuration).

After keeping such valuable things in mind, you can now proceed forward by opening a web browser and typing mywifiext.net into the field of address bar. If you see that you are not being successful by login into the website, then you should simply exit the web browser, clear all the browsing history, malicious files, malware, cache and cookies from your device, restart your computer and then log in again.

Note: You can also make the use of another web browser if you still face login issue and also turn off the public hotspot in order to protect your network and device from hacking. Do all the process only in a private network own by you or someone trustworthy.

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