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The low brokerage: Ease of trading


The low brokerage: Ease of trading

admin January 25, 2018

Share market is Bench marks that can help one know the health of the economy. Not only that, it is also an option for the people to earn from trading in the shares of the leading company where the price momentum can regularly be seen. A regular trader can go for cash segment or derivative as per his knowledge. He needs to go for a segment where he has the knowledge and does not need to depend on market tips or recommendations from others. In case one does not have such knowledge he does not need to go for trading in concerned segment unless he gains the same.

The trading:

Trading is not a big deal as there are service providers who offer best of the class trading services to each client. One who opens a trading account and that too offline is provided with the support of terminal operator where the client needs to call on the number of the operator and instruct him for particular trading. He needs to pay brokerage charges for each trade as is agreed with the service provider. Hence it is also important for to get the account with plans of low brokerage in India so that the charges can be controlled and profit can be increased. However, the brokers usually do not prefer offering of discount on brokerage, and hence in such case one can go for an online account where the cost of brokerage may be less.

However, in the online account, there are a few restrictions that the trader needs to understand. The first point here is the trading is to be carried out by the client only, and he is not provided with the assistance of bolt operator unless and until there are some exceptional situations. Hence here one needs to know the method of passing the transactions.

The type of account and advantages:

One can go for an offline account for trading. Here the service provider offers the service of a bolt operator and hence the client needs to call the operator to have a transaction. The operator here is an experienced person who knows the operation of the software and hence can provide the rate of shares of any company from any of the exchange. The client can ask him to either buy or sell the shares or place any limit that can help him trade as per his expectations. He can place various limits, inform the client about pending and executed orders, available limit in his account and get more limit opened from the risk department, and if the client needs to get a payment, he can arrange a payback cheque also.

In the online account, the client needs to all these tasks himself. However, the best part here is he is not dependent on any third party and can trade with the help of his smartphone also. He just needs to download the application and feed the user ID as well as a password to start trading in the live market.

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