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How to use Facebook for affiliate marketing

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How to use Facebook for affiliate marketing

admin February 26, 2019

Are you fresher and seeking methods for money making? check it out here , how you can earn money just by using your social account on Facebook as an affiliate marketing platform, believing you must be already knowing about affiliate marketing and if not then , “affiliate marketing is simply a process or can say a sale tactic that an affiliate(you) use for promoting owns or other’s product or band”. Straight away it doesn’t at all matters whether you are marketing your own products and services or someone’s else, at the end affiliate marketing will definitely bring you a qualitative as well as quantitative profit in your pocket, As everyone is already familiar with Facebook and if you are a regular and robust user of Facebook, then it will be quite easier for you to roll up audience there and start engaging them with your brand and services. So here I’ll be sharing you some of the best tactics on how you can market your product on Facebook and gross your end sale by simply following some of the basic steps.


First of all decide your niche and then start creating a business page according to it, make it visually stunning and presentable start by posting some readable blogs and check out the page interaction of user, add appealing photos and share pleasing intro and basic information regarding your business, like its name try to keep it short and snappy, contact details, address if required etc. Also choose a web address that will help users to directly get connected to you and also grant you some business feel. 


Engaging people’s means you just have to focus on your page interaction, it means that you aren’t supposed to ask anyone for buying any of your product or service , you are just required to add values to your page , as content plays a good role in engaging peoples so try to publish exclusive contents on your page so that the other user or audience can get easily pull in to your page, share them some well readable, interesting and valuable stuffs and ask them to leave their comments below as it will further help you to get leads and help to manage your audience list and try make them believe that your intention isn’t just of selling products, though we are trying to but don’t expose it and also try convincing them for visiting your pre -sell page so that there you can pop up your product and advertise it to them.


It means like ,sometimes it happens when a particular user likes your product but doesn’t pay much attention on buying it and leave the page, there what you have to do is re- targeting the audience back I.e. based on their pervious actions, first of all it Login to your Facebook ads manager and then create audience and custom audience, there after select your website traffic , select the target audience from the drop down menu and then get your pixel code and place it on your webpage, These will again call up the audience for engaging and interacting with your site or page.


A group is must require, firstly start by adding your friends and family members and then grow into a whole, build trust with them that you are not just selling your products but also sharing relevant information and ideas with them, try to engage them with link and share pictures and videos, and smartly encourage them to further forward your link to another groups of them. Share affiliate’s link to help people joining your program and grow into a business domain.


To boast your page performance and interaction , keep engaging peoples and the best possible way for engaging audience is holding some contests or sharing some coupons codes for instant discounts ,you can share quotations on your page and can also add some of the funny incidences also you can start blogging there regarding your products sharing some of your personal experience , you can also ask peoples for promoting your product in return of rewards and discounts, always include logos or set a copyright on your stuffs so that if someone share any of your feed you’ll automatically get advertised, the basic idea behind all this is making people remember you .


Try adding photos and videos on Facebook as these proves to be most appealing and engaging, also make a regular share so that the people will wait to get a view of your product’s picture. Also add videos of your services and ask people to share their reviews and then re share those positive reviews with your family and friends.


Facebook ads are shown everywhere and more over it holds ample of ads to target mass audience by using these ads you can also focus on audience and attract them to find your page more easily by promoting these adds you’ll be calling other audience to view your site and if they like your page then ultimately there likes will act as traffic leads for you.


You must keeping these in mind that as your page reaches a particular level of likes, you’ll get an option of creating vanity URL, and as you create your unique URL keep using those of the words in your content that gets easily examined by search engine as the Google search engine uses first three four words for your content description and also include a direct link in your site so that as a user clicks on it, he will directly transmitted to your main page.

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