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How to Transfer Money through WhatsApp on Freecharge?


How to Transfer Money through WhatsApp on Freecharge?

admin November 23, 2018

Online and cashless transactions have taken a leap from paytm and freecharge to whatsapp, airtel and many other e-wallets. Basically, the motive is to create a platform where the users are able to send or receive money, make payments without cash. There are so many features that have evolved to make the task easier for lay man too.

Out of all the competing e-wallets, whatsapp wallet has emerged as the newest platform conducting cashless transactions for its users. Recently, the popular online chatting application enrolled a new update for the users where it enable the transfer of cash from one contact to other. Many users have enjoyed this cashless transaction forcing whatsapp to launch more and more feature for all the consumers. Along with that, we have freecharge introducing its brand new feature where the consumers can transfer money to any of the person through whatsapp. Isn’t it interesting?

Initially, Freecharge introduced its Chat and Pay feature which enables the user and merchants to make easy payments involving cash. This feature made it possible for the merchants to accept payments using the Freecharge application with a few clicks. Not just this, but they will be facilitated with an increased limit of payment to Rs.100000. Even after much equipment, this feature was not affiliated on Whatsapp. This made use of the messaging service as a mediator to let the users transfer money to each other.

With the current money transfer feature, users can get their transactions done with ease. So, let us take a look of how one can avail the benefits of this feature. Here is a step by step overview of this feature:

  1. First and foremost thing is that you must download the freecharge app to get this feature activated. In case you are a new user of feature, you must verify your mobile number by inserting the OTP generated on the registered mobile number only.
  2. Now, set-up your app accordingly and scroll onto the “freecharge on whatsapp” feature on the mobile application.
  3. Then, you only need to enable the feature which makes it activated instantly. Also, after enabling the feature, you need to turn-on the accessibility permission to further complete the installation.
  4. After that, open your whatsapp application and go on to select the contact number to which you wish to send the money. Choose the contact and type a message in the following format: 1000FC or 500Fc, wherein 1000 and 500 are the amount of money which you want to transfer, respectively.
  5. Once you press the “send” button to proceed in your transaction, you will see a window popping out and asking whether you wish to send the money or receive it. Select whichever the option is required and the overall transaction gets completed.

It must be noted that the users must install the freecharge mobile application to use this feature. Moreover, only registered mobile numbers can use the followed feature else the transaction gets declined. Besides this, the whatsapp money transfer from freecharge is only provided to selected android user and will capture the market as and when the authorities permit. In case you want to extract further savings, you can use freecharge coupon code on your transactions and get cashbacks credited into your wallet within 1 or 2 days. This cashback can further be used on transactions through freecharge such as bill payments, mobile recharges and much more.

In a nutshell, it is quite significant that the social media platform for making payments is a vital source of amazing consumer experience and also a step into more innovative use of internet. Freecharge has taken the social payments to another level as it enables its consumers to make payments using the chatting platform. Its modifiers have also concluded that this step will consequently help in making social payments a part of daily routine in India. It is like that our technological features getting better and better with newest developments.

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