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A Glimpse of Database Management System


A Glimpse of Database Management System

admin January 21, 2018

A database management system is very important as it manages all data efficiently as well as allows the users to perform various tasks very easily. A database management system can store, organize, and manage a large amount of data and information within a particular software application. The particular system increases the efficiency of various business operations as well as reduces overall costs. Database management systems are very crucial to organizations and businesses as they provide a highly effective method for handling the multiple types of data. Some examples of the data that are easily managed through this system are student information, employee records, project management, accounting, library books, and inventory. These systems are created for versatile applications.

It is very important for the database resellers owning a good database. But, the most important factor of today may be outdated tomorrow. If any user is looking for a relevant and genuine database, then he/she need to choose the data provider with precision. Search Engines have eased the search process. People just have to type their requirements and voila and they will have a long running list of solutions. If they are looking for an updated database, then also they will find the answer. But, there is no guarantee in the quality of these particular data lists. It can be available at a cheap price or even sometimes at a free of cost. But, there is no one to take the responsibility of its effectiveness.

Oracle Database is mainly referred to as Oracle RDBMS or only as Oracle. It is an object-relational database management system that is produced as well as marketed by the Oracle Corporation. The Oracle Database is available in five editions. They are:

  • Oracle Database Standard Edition One
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Database Express Edition
  • Oracle Database Personal Edition

There are basically three types of Database Software Environments; they are Production Environment, Test Environment, and Development Environment. The oracle licensing basically varies with the different environments. Mainly, the programs must be licensed under an OLSA, OMA, or many other appropriate Oracle and Oracle authorized reseller license agreement.

The Oracle Database Express Edition is one of the mostly used Oracle Editions. It may be used for free. It is used for the purposes of developing, running, and portraying applications. It can also be used for free in order to provide demonstrations and training. It can also be distributed for free along with any applications. Any use of the Oracle Database Express Edition is associated with the following limitations:

  • The Express Edition is restricted to a single instance on any server.
  • The particular Edition may be installed on a multiple CPU server. But, it may only be executed on one processor in any server.
  • The Express Edition can be used only to support up to 4GB of user data. It is not included with the Express Edition system data.
  • Express Edition can use up to 1 GB RAM of the available memory.

For Oracle Database Express Edition, the Oracle technical support organization will not provide the phone support, technical support, or updates.

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