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Features Of A Dedicated Server


Features Of A Dedicated Server

admin October 18, 2018

Are you someone who needs to invest in a dedicated server? Are you looking at one but not quite sure what one is or how it operates? Do you want to find out more information on the device? Then look no further.

A variety of people turn to dedicated servers for business reasons, for personal reasons and there are people like gamers who use them for entertainment reasons too.

A dedicated server is pretty much just that, a physical device to which you can perform single tasks, such as keeping company data confidential or just for using a solo application.  Before you look elsewhere, take a look at the features and services they provide, these will give you ideas and a better impression of how good an option a dedicated server is.


To ensure your chosen server performs incredibly well; a lot of checks and software are programmed in to keep your system healthy.  This feature is particularly useful as you can set up monitoring for things like high memory, CPU usage and can even check disk space sizes too.  For a dedicated server to run efficiently, it needs to be in excellent condition at all hours.

Server management also includes things like various patches and updates to the operating system.  If you had your own server, you’d have to focus on managing the updates by yourself, which can be time-consuming and the effort required to keep the device as secure as possible needs to be a top priority.


If you opt for a dedicated server, one of the most useful services and features would be the technical support team.  This is where you should turn if you come across any errors, error messages or general problems.  Even if you’re quite advanced in a technical aspect, you should still ask for the help; it’s there for you to use, to help speed up fixing the issues you may encounter.


When you do anything online, be it, make a payment or create accounts and password, you need a strong level of security on the website or host from which you’re working from.  Dedicated servers have fantastic security packages available.  Ideally what you want is enough protection for the server, both virtually and physically.  When it then comes to applications and the internet, there needs to be a strong enough firewall, malware prevention and allocated or dedicated IP addresses.  Using dedicated IP addresses means that you’re not opening your server up to hacking, as the only IP addresses allowed to connect with your server and the internet, are the addresses set up and approved in the configuration stages.


You need to pick an operating system which is compatible with your needs; this is where a lot of people may not necessarily know the information required.  If you are unsure, it is recommended you liaise with technical support beforehand, so you don’t go buying the wrong dedicated server plan and waste too much money.

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