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How ERPs Are Embracing Emerging Technologies


How ERPs Are Embracing Emerging Technologies

admin May 10, 2018

Enterprise Resource Management systems have become the frenzy these days. Be it small businesses or medium enterprises or start-ups, companies want to opt for the best process optimization techniques by leveraging ERP systems. While dealing with technological advancements at a rapid rate, businesses need a software product that can help them manage their operations optimally.

As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) facilities spring up in organizations and enterprise struggle to keep pace with innovation, there are some technologies shaping the ERP systems of tomorrow that will allow companies to manage innovation better.

Here are some advanced technologies that may go into the making of the ERPs of the future-

  • Business Intelligence – BI is the transformation and turning of raw data into meaningful metrics that reflect the historical and present business parameters. While previously, BI was carried out by making multiple excel sheets, filling them with data, and then churning the data to extract reports, today, the scenario has changed a lot. Integration of an ERP system with BI capabilities would ensure that the fast-moving real-time data can be processed and assessed in real-time, giving decision making insights into a business’ performance and efficiency. With BI blended into ERP systems, a range of applications can be considered and implemented with ease, opening a wide window of opportunities.
  • Wearables – Wearables have already entered the workplace. According to recent statistics, about 54% companies currently support a BYOW (Bring Your Own Wearables) model and 40% companies plan to support this model in the future. Integrating wearables with ERP systems can prove to be beneficial for the blue collar workers who would need hands-free access to technologies and applications. In the field service industry, an ERP system can be integrated with wearables to improve efficiencies and productivity of technicians. Wearables are more easily accessible when working through hands, and offer a better experience to professionals who work on the field. Employee health tracking and location tracking become easier when businesses leverage wearables for their operations. In many enterprises, wearables have already become a part of their employee’s uniforms.
  • Big Data and Analytics – Everything today is incomplete without the mention of data. ERP systems are no different. For offering the BI capabilities discussed previously, ERP software solutions will have to address Big Data and Analytics as part of the solutions they provide. With the merging of the two fields, scores of applications become possible. Data generation continues to grow exponentially, and ERP systems are better off leveraging this data to convert it into meaningful insights. Business strategies and processes can be refined with the right use of the data, as it reveals what needs to be changed and how!
  • The Internet of Things – Connecting things and devices to each other and humans, is another facet of applications that are possible through ERPs. Eliminating the need for human intervention, ERPs can leverage the IoT technology to drive-in data from multiple sources to be churned to provide reliable information. Assets and properties can be connected to the internet so that their performance metrics and location can be mapped to improve their efficiencies later on with better research and study. ERP systems can predict when these assets need maintenance and track any unused assets and their locations.

Enterprise Resource Planning was never this advanced. But, the wave of technological innovation has drowned everything while industries try to resurface with improved processes and better operations.

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James Warner is an highly skilled and experienced software and mobile application system development manager at Nex Software. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop creative business system based on Java, .Net, Python, Microsoft dynamics AX consulting, iOS, Magento and Android.

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