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Bestsellers in prepaid: The recharge plans to check out


Bestsellers in prepaid: The recharge plans to check out

admin November 2, 2018

Airtel offers the absolute bestsellers when it comes to recharge plans for prepaid phones. Get on board Airtel prepaid recharge for the best-in-class plans.

A mobile phone has long ceased to be a luxury in your life, it is a thing of necessity. Your day literally begins with a glance at your mobile phone, either to switch off the morning alarm or to check messages and emails received. During the day, you use it to look for information, pay bills, make calls, chat with friends, check up on your social media feeds, etc.

In short, your phone is like a connector to the rest of the world. You are quite lost without it, since all your contacts are in there. Besides, how can you amuse yourself in your free time, or look for specific information, or even pay your bills and bank if not for your phone?

But your phone must be backed by a good prepaid plan that is easily recharged whenever the balance is low or if the pack is running out. Can you say that you are 100% happy with the current recharge options that your service provider gives you? Apart from little talk time and a patchy network, you also get poor customer care in the bargain. So why are you still continuing with the same service provider – it’s time to switch to another one, perhaps?

What do you want from a good prepaid recharge plan?

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy recharge options
  • Sufficient validity and unlimited talk time

What if there was a way to get these three factors and much more? While a lot of mobile service providers are barely able to provide all of these, Airtel prepaid recharge goes several steps ahead by offering much more. When you sign up for prepaid recharge with Airtel, you automatically get the brand’s superb Internet speeds (the fastest across all service providers at the moment),

Why take Airtel prepaid recharge?

Because it offers many more advantages than any other mobile service provider.

  • Based on your city of residence, you get at least four options in prepaid recharge.
  • The prepaid plans for Delhi are priced at Rs 199, Rs 399, Rs 448 and Rs 509.
  • The pack validity ranges between 28 days and 90 days, based on the recharge you choose.
  • Each Airtel prepaid recharge pack has unlimited talk time and 100 free SMSs per day.
  • Each plan gets 1.4 GB data per day.

So when you have Airtel recharge on your phone, you can stay connected all the time with superfast network, zero outages and a dense mobile tower network to ensure always-on connectivity.

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