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Benefits of Live Video on Social Media

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Benefits of Live Video on Social Media

admin May 16, 2018

“Videos can attract a different audience, one that might not want to take the time to read a white paper or an article.” – Brick Marketing

From a tedious 800-word article, to expurgated voice sessions and the static print posters, if something has flipped the marketing strategies and visual experiences; it’s the videos. Virtual reality, live video sessions and Snapchat stories are swaying the marketing strategies.

Live videos are the real game changers in the digital marketing scene leading to exuberant benefits and surprising results. This hot medium is a win win-win situation for various categories of people. You can use it either as entertainment or as a beneficiary boasting your business. It creates impactful outcomes if planned and used wisely.

You can find this feature on various sites, namely Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat doesn’t allow an exact live video broadcasting freedom as provided by Facebook and Instagram but has its own uses. Even WhatsApp has realized the potential of video. Coming back to the assets of live video streaming, we have a list that can help you take out the most from this feature.

  1. Broader Audience: Facebook hosts more than 1.7 billion monthly users generating vast engagement. Even the people who haven’t heard of your brand are attracted by what you are streaming. This creates more traffic and online visibility. On the spot interaction helps you to amplify the chain of audience in comparison to the one created through a simple post update. It further gives you an insight about the type of content preferred by your audience. Moreover, it has intimated the social media scenario through its appealing visuals and easily digesting approach. You can accelerate your offline events by streaming it online connecting with the worldwide audience.
  2. Personal Contact: These raw and unrehearsed videos create a personal connection leading to increased trust, further adding retention to your brand. It helps the audience to interact with your business in real time. Giving a sneak peak about who you really are, it builds a strong relationship and authenticity.We have lately come across the growing advent of fashion blogging dominating the social media. It is nowadays, one cool profession that the youth is taking up and earning well out of it. The live video feature shall be given a huge share in their growing success. It has helped them build enormous audiences by personally interacting with them building extensive credibility. Blogging is an appropriate example of using live video feature to give your business a chance of raising steeps.  A similar approach is used by various big brands creating intimacy with their customers. Be it your start-up or a well-organized business, you must spice it up with this feature.
  1. Analytics Tracking: The live streaming feature forces you to introspect; who your real audience is. This can be attained by evaluating the outcomes of your live event through tracking tools and analytic dashboards. A lot of services help you in seeing important metrics such as viewer numbers, engagement and behaviors. This further helps you in revising the aspects of broadcasting. Isn’t this an excellent medium to evaluate the ROI on what you are doing/posting?
  1. Engagement and Feedback: You are showing people who you are, you are accelerating your offline events to worldwide audience and guess what? You are even getting people’s response over it. Live video sessions, as discussed above give you a splendid opportunity to get connected to a vast audience on one-to-one basis. Apart from taking your event to an extra-ordinary level, live streaming also helps you to know the customer feedback. Moreover, Facebook has surprises waiting for you; if you manage to connect a few people with your live video, Facebook puts you into a close to real time (there is a small lag) conversation with readers.
  1. Affordability: If you take up the organic approach, you would be contended to know that it is totally free of cost. All you have to invest is in generating an idea of live streaming. Instead, live streaming helps you fetch a huge return on your otherwise offline events. Although, one must note that a wise investment should be made on the phone used for shooting the event. We today have a wide range of smartphones offering excellent optical benefits at an affordable price. Some renowned brands include Samsung, Panasonic Smartphones India, Oppo that brings out the best of feature smartphones in a very reasonable price.

It’s now time for you to kick start your business with this smart tactic. All you have to think about is an idea and of course a budget friendly smartphone.

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