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7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Headphones


7 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Headphones

admin March 10, 2018

You’ve had your headphones for 7 years. The foam padding on the earpieces is not as comfortable as it once was, and the cord— you could use a headphone cable upgrade.

Sound familiar? Here are 7 reasons it’s time to update your headphones.

1.They’re Stock Earbuds

Are your earbuds “those” white earbuds? Come on. You can do better than that. The earbuds that come with your phone are cheap for a reason. Yes, they will do in a pinch to take a phone call a little more hands free or listen to a podcast when you are walking around the mall. They can even make your kids think you are listening to music through them so they will leave you alone in the morning.

But if you want high quality sound, at least upgrade to a bluetooth pair, even the Apple Airpods, but stop with the ones out of the box. There are much better choices out there.

2.They Distort at High Volume

Okay, we all know we should not be listening to our headphones at insanely high volumes anyway. You can permanently damage your ears, and cause long-term hearing loss. Still, you want headphones that can perform well at all levels.

Even though you don’t listen to them that loud, headphones that distort at high volume probably are suffering sound distortion at lower volumes as well but you may not notice it. If you think your headphones sound okay at low volume, but get worse as you turn them up, you need to replace them.

3.They Don’t Fit

This is mostly an issue with in-ear headphones. Even if they have some system to help them stay on your ears, if they keep falling out or they are loose, you will be losing sound quality. A better fit also means a much better bass response. Comfort is also a big deal, and in-ear buds that don’t fit properly are just no good.

However, over the ear headphones that are too tight are no good either. They will often give you headaches and can even hurt your ears. If your headphones don’t fit well, get rid of them.

4.They Have Wires

This is not true for everyone. Some high-end headphones are wired for more reliable sound, and you can replace cables as mentioned above to improve how they work. However, if you have ever wrestled with wires after you have pulled earbuds out of your pocket, you know frustration.

There are a lot of great bluetooth headphone choices out there that can eliminate those wires. If you haven’t looked at them lately, you should.

5.You Work Out

Most headphones are not really designed for people that work out. The over the ear ones are much to hot and can make your ears pretty sweaty. The in-ear ones often fall out when you sweat and may not be waterproof or even sweat proof. The tips are sometimes hard to clean as well.

Specific sports headphones like the Beats X are designed to take this punishment. You may even want to have one set of headphones for home, and one for the gym.

6.They Make Your Ears Hurt

No matter how cool you think those headphones are, or how cool they look, if after wearing them for a while or on a long flight, they start to hurt your ears. it may be time to look for a replacement. Good, comfortable headphones do exist, both in the over the ear and in ear style.

Just because you have a specific need for noise cancelling or you like a particular look or color does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Take a good look at the options available, and find ones you can wear for extended periods without pain.

7.Your Ear Tips Suck

There are many headphones that come with different types of ear tips, each designed to fit the variety of ears out there. Many of these ear tips are also replaceable too. If your headphones do not offer this option, you may want to look at headphones that do.

The other note about ear tips: this does protect in-ear headphones and makes them easier to clean. From simply a sanitary and hygiene standpoint, this is a big deal, and can make the difference between your favorite headphones and those you want to throw away after every use.

There are a ton of reasons you might want to replace your headphones, but whatever your choices, there comes a time when you should let that old pair go and look at what options to have to improve comfort, sound, and more.

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