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6 Pointers to Becoming a Respected Salesforce Developer


6 Pointers to Becoming a Respected Salesforce Developer

admin June 7, 2018

Do you wish to become part of the much respected vocation? Are you looking for a career path that will help you meet and interact with not just innovative people but some of the most successful people in the world?  If yes, then you should think of becoming a software developer, and not just any software developer but a Salesforce developer.

Now for a great start, check out the list below for some useful pointers to becoming a good and well respected Salesforce developer.

  • First find your motivation – Why do you want to become a Salesforce developer? What most people do is join a career for the sake of the money they will be earning from it. But that will be the greatest mistake ever because it should not always be about the money. You should have enthusiasm, passion, goals and a good reason for your choice. Without that, it will be hard for you to even grasp the basics.
  • Learn the fundamentals of being a Salesforce developer –You cannot call yourself a Salesforce developer without having learned the basics, right? According to Flosum.com, for you to be good at this, you have to understand the tools, learn the codes and any applications that matter to your development. For example, some of the most popular codes for a Salesforce developer are Visual force, Apex and SOQL. So, make sure that you learn the codes and learn how to use the numerous tools that the platform has in store for you.
  • Pick applications that are right for the Salesforce platform – As we all know, Salesforce is a successful cloud computing platform that is celebrated across nations. And in addition to this, Salesforce is also known to build the best data driven cloud apps. So, when choosing your apps, make sure that they are authentic and well suited for the Salesforce policy.
  • Find yourself a tutor or professional adviser – Programming is not something that you can learn on your own. Even with hundreds of tutorials on how to become a Salesforce developer online, a tutor will help you learn faster. That said, don’t just find anyone who claims to be good at developing to mentor you. Do your research; find a mentor who has experience, someone who has a good reputation and a good track record.
  • Get a Salesforce developer certification –For you to now face challenges in the real world and help companies find solutions to their problems though Salesforce, you must get a certification for it. The Salesforce certification will automatically make you indispensable because it depicts knowledge, skill and experience.
  • Now, be ready for the market – Just like it is with any other career path, the first few steps will be tough for sure. There are times that you will doubt if you were destined for this because not all times will be good times. Nonetheless, always remember that nothing comes easy, especially when you are toiling to become a celebrated and much respected Salesforce developer. So, stick with it and keep pushing until you achieve your goals.

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