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5 Cool Tips on Artistic Logo Designing


5 Cool Tips on Artistic Logo Designing

admin February 3, 2018

The logo is the first impression of any business. If you have a logo that can tell everything about the business, long paragraphs are just not worth it. A creative logo is as important for any brand, company or professional organization as having a name. As the name defines the company so does the logo. Many firms invest hundreds of thousands of dollars getting a perfectly descriptive logo for their business. There are tons of companies offering logo designing in Lahore or other parts the world. DIY is also an approach many people take but it may be time consuming and time is everything in this competitive world of business. Here I am sharing 5 cool tips on designing artistic logos for any business.

A logo should be descriptive:

This is a very important factor of any logo. If it does depict the picture of the organization, firm or company when looked upon it is perfect but if it does nothing in-line with the company’s business it is a disaster. When people think off after just having a look at your logo is the definition that a logo provides. Don’t use very lengthy paragraphs or cluttered, just keep it simple and use only descriptive images that tell the story of the business.

Creative but simple:

Your logo needs to be creative but simple at the same time. You can use unique graphics or images in your logo but make sure they are simple and according to the theme of the logo. Also do not make a clutter of irrelevant graphics, text or images or your logo. Instead, it should look clear, simple and descriptive. Make sure you present everything in a clear and simple manner to avoid any duplication or diversion from the subject.

Use meaningful colors:

Colors are very crucial for any logo design and play a very important role in spreading the targeted business description. If you are the logo for a freelance logo designer or a company offering logo designing in Lahore, do check their knowledge about colors and how they can play with colors while remaining close to the brand message and appeal. Color could be the most beneficial and descriptive product. A shopkeeper painted his storefront entire white just to stand out from the crowd of other shopkeepers in competition.

Size independence:

Another important feature of your logo design is being sized independently. It is very obvious that you must use a logo everywhere on your social media profiles, website pages, banner advertisements, billboards, TV or commercial ads or anywhere you want to promote your events. All these platforms have a different screen size of different length and width so try to design such a logo that can fit among all the display sizes.

Easy to understand:

Another crucial factor of any professional or quality logo design is that it is easy to understand. Make sure to not stuff the image with extra graphics, image files, texts and other similar effects. Keep the logo simple yet creative.

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