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5 Best Online Survey Tools You Can Freely use for your Business


5 Best Online Survey Tools You Can Freely use for your Business

admin June 29, 2018

At present, each business organization is continually starving for quality as well as important data. As data can assist them in detailing a lot of future approaches and techniques. In any case, getting exact feedback from the customers isn’t a simple job. But, gratitude to few super amazing free online survey tools, this data compilation process has turn into quite easy. The online survey tools are truly functional and their success rate is quite satisfying.

1) Google Forms

Google Forms is the finest tool to perform a few surveys. This tool is thoroughly free with boundless questions and reaction choices. You can ask the same number of questions you like from your customers with this tool. That is an extremely cool and every one of these features comes in free form of Google Forms. So, no compelling reason is required to spend a penny to interface with your customers.

2) SurveyMonkey

To make one speedy and basic survey, you can utilize SurveyMonkey tool. This tool is extremely easy to utilize and even novice can utilize it effectively. You can simply make the survey with it, and also, can embed it in your site or send link individually to the customers.

3) Typeform

In the event that you are a major fanatic of surveys and get a kick out of the chance to make various choices containing surveys, at that point you should utilize Typeform. This tool has a lot of question features, similar to short text responses, dropdowns lists, dates, multiple option, picture option, question groups, ratings, yes/no questions, opinion scales, and so on.

You can utilize this tool for nothing up to 100 responses every month and for more responses, you would subscriber paid version for $29/month.

4) SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is a more developed and present day survey tool that can make excellent surveys. The surveys made by this tool are exceedingly expert and clean, perhaps that is the reason prominent companies such as Airbnb, Groupon, and Samsung are utilizing it.
The free version of SurveyLegend has extremely constrained features. A free account can just make 3 surveys, in spite of the fact that the quantity of questions as well as responses is likewise restricted. To get the full SurveyLegend version you need to pay $15/month.

5) Polldaddy

If you have a WordPress site, at that point Polldaddy can be your survey mate. It offers boundless questions as well as responses for the WordPress sites. So, this free tool is great alternative for WordPress site owners.
In any case, if you like couple of additional features, for example, company’s branding, include custom CSS, export data, or access email support. At that point, you need to advance your free plan to the paid form. For up degree, you will be charged $200/year.

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