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2018 Mobile App Trends That Will leave you Awestruck


2018 Mobile App Trends That Will leave you Awestruck

admin January 22, 2018

Do you want to know more about the mobile app development trends that are most likely to be followed in 2018? Just check out the article now

In the mobile app industry, things happen at a really fast pace. No wonder it’s grown so quickly in such a short span of time. A few years ago, industry experts realized that it’s the Better User Experience (UX) would play a vital role in the growth of the Mobile App Universe.

Ever since that realization, this industry is experiencing latest innovation every other day. We have come up with a few trends that are most likely to be followed in 2018. So let’s dive in:

Wearable Applications

Along with phones, the watches are also getting smarter. In fact, the other connected wearables have created a whole new market. Although it’s still in the development mode, many of these devices have left us amazed at their standalone features. On the other side, some still require support from mobile.

For instance; the apple watch needs iPhone’s network to make a call.

Nowadays, people are getting more inclined towards this. Perhaps that’s the reason a huge number of users prefer wearable devices to be synchronized with their mobile devices so that they can have easy access to their data.

Lazy Loading and AMP

If you’ve been associated with SEO, you’ll realize how much important it is for a website to load faster to have top Google Ranking. But it’s doing wonders in the mobile application development industry as well. The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is undertaken by Google.

The mobile version of the web page is created with the help of AMP, which is way faster and responsive than the desktop version. This way, a faster version of a web page can be displayed instead of making your visitor wait for the whole page to load. It’s also known as Lazy Loading.

In short, these two are the amazing techniques that are being practiced currently in the industry to speed the performance of mobile apps when content is syndicated through the web.

Artificial Intelligence

This has turned out to be one of the fascinating trends. Ever since the features like recommendation engines, behavioral targeting and personalized experience were embedded in the mobile app, giants of the industry got motivated to come up with more innovations. And it all worked; just visit some reputable brand website and you’ll come across a chat-box popping with a message; how can we assist you?

These are known as chat-bots and are AI-powered tools stimulating human conversations. It worked so well for the websites that companies started integrating into Mobile apps. In fact, you’ll find more apps doing the same in future.

Blockchain Wallet

Ever since the cryptocurrency came in, it has brought a bazillion opportunities for businesses to go for other convenient payment methods. In fact, this endless irreversible ledger is quite likely to redefine mobile payments.

Although we don’t have enough idea about what’s going to happen to cryptocurrency rates fluctuations in the years ahead, the blockchain based payment systems are doing tremendously well. In fact, some apps have also been introduced for this purpose like Gliph, BitPay, and Fold.

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