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19 Inspirational Marketing Quotes for Digital Marketing Strategies

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19 Inspirational Marketing Quotes for Digital Marketing Strategies

admin May 12, 2018

The internet is evolving with great speed day by day. New updates and more current approaches to utilize them in the practical business situation. Social media is the sign of digital transformation that is abandoning us a ton of chances to find, learn and pick the best for our organizations. Being in this industry for a considerable length of time, the change people have witnessed is irresistible. Here is a progression of digital marketing quotes will add another viewpoint to your digital marketing tactic.

1. Likes can be deceptive Period.
2. You can buy likes but not hearts.
3. Create content. Publish content. Amplify content. Repeat!
4. What is new in Digital Marketing? Everything.
5. The only fashion that never fades: Digital Marketing
6. You don’t have to create your presence on all possible social networking sites. Choose what matters to your business & your customers.
7. Write articles that has longer shelf life & sell it till the expiry date. Your articles are your products!
8. They killed social networking sites. From the time they brought “selling” into it.
9. Some brands heavily invest in Technology based marketing innovations & then doesn’t invest a single penny in promoting it. Then they call it a Blunder.
10. Don’t judge a post by its number of likes.
11. Digital Marketing is not free, it’s not cost effective either! It is more productive, its a 2 way communication, it’s the best way to help your traditional marketing efforts convert into sales.
12. Marketing your presence on social media is as important as creating your presence.
13. Activate listening! Your PR coverage will create some noise. Record the volume. Notice the volume & create essential reactions to the conversations built over your coverage. You immediately build rapport with people who just spoke about you.
14. Oh yes, there will be a new tool in town everyday! Who cares when Facebook exists?
15. There would be a time when Facebook will copy pokemon go! You will have to garner likes than pokemons. Upload pictures & walk on streets to get likes. I am imagining traffic already!
16. If your client doesn’t agree on ad budgets, he is not the client you would want to sign up for digital marketing! Suggest him newspaper inserts & walk out.
17. If you cannot learn daily, you cannot become a digital marketer. Don’t choose this field as your career then!
18. Live feature circles, Hashtags follow, Snapchat’s story, Direct uploads, Business pages & sponsored stories, Cover picture & relevancy algorithm, the list goes on! Where is the innovation?
19. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency? We hope you get through. Best agencies, choose their clients wisely.

Digital marketing is the process of promoting as well as selling products and services by using online marketing tactics. To boost these strategies, you require some information about it and these quotes are the best way to motivate and help you do some improvement in your actions. To gain some precious and effective knowledge into it, you should enter by joining digital marketing course in Gurgaon which is of a really great help in your coming future. The approach towards digital marketing will nourish your career in a prominent way to enhance your future by safeguarding it.

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