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10 Terms related with Web Design

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10 Terms related with Web Design

admin June 4, 2018
  1. Server – A server can have many meanings but just put can be mentioned to as a centralized computer that carries data to many other computers. Types of servers can be a web, file, mail or others. When you purchase services such as web hosting, email services or the internet they are functioning off an outside server separate from the functionality of your own computer.
  2. CMS (Content Management Systems) – CMS as it tells to the web is a program included into a website that lets you to update its content without the want for software or further web development tools. A CMS website also permits you to update your pages from any place with an internet connection. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are considered as the most utilized CMS programs for websites.
  3. ISP (Internet Service Provider) – Rather simply it means your Internet Service Provider.
  4. Domain Name – The domain name mentions to the real physical name of your website for example, www.example.com. A domain name might be purchased from a domain registry firm and is rented for yearly intervals. GoDaddy is popular as one of the supreme domain registry businesses.
  5. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) – Some people trust a URL and a domain name are the parallel thing but they really have two distinct meanings. A URL can be the complete link to any page of a website however a domain name denotes to the home or index page only. Each page of any website has its own single URL.
  6. Web Hosting – Web hosting is file space you buy online which permits you to store your website files and post them on the web. Just like to build a house you first want a lot to post in website you need first have a host. Hosting providers will “host” your site on their server and hosting plans are bought in monthly or yearly intervals. In order for a site to function you want to own together a domain name and a web host to point it to.
  7. Spam – Spam is considered as electronic junk mail sent to a bulk group of email accounts or online journals and forums. Spam is regularly sent over a computerised software program planned to send the parallel message to big group of persons at once. Spam is certainly made for the purpose of marketing or asking and is also utilised to try and increase search rankings and also website traffic.
  8. Responsive Design – Responsive design is a website where the arrangement or building of the page adjusts to fit the display of whatever device you are utilizing to view the page. That might be a desktop pc, tablet, mobile phone, video game or any other surfing device. Responsive websites use a detection method that will first recognise what type of method you are utilising then will show the appropriate format accordingly.
  9. Favicon – A favicon is a minor icon or picture that is shown within the browser tab of any website along with its page title. This is helpful when you have numerous pages open in a browser and you need to better recognise which page is which.
  10. Search Engine – Search engines are huge database programs that search files for definite keywords and yield data based sites. Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo are some of the world’s widely used search engines.


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